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If you want to recruit military veterans, Candidit is here to help.

Candidit Insights

For many, recruitment marketing is measured based on the number of clicks a campaign generates, because that’s the deepest metric the company has access to. With the Candidit platform, deeper insights are possible.

Using Candidit technology, its possible to understand the results of your campaign beyond the click. Are those clicks actually the kinds of people you are trying to hire? Where are they coming from? Are they applying? Are they actually interested in your company? Which jobs are they interested in? All these questions are answered by Candidit Insights.

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Candidit Compliance Assist

Compliance is a major part of the hiring process that is often difficult to get a handle on. Candidit helps by compiling aggregate reports related to the results of your marketing initiatives. This makes it easier to demonstrate the efforts you have put forth to find the people you are looking for. We generate reports in addition to a live dashboard dedicated to helping you stay in control of compliance reporting.

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Candidit Translation

We'll build you a customized recruiting portal designed to attract top talent and encourage them to join your talent pool. Once they've joined, our rich user experience allows them to upload transcripts of experience and input career data via our Profile Builder.

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