Solutions and Services

If you want to recruit military veterans, military spouses, diversity and inclusion candidates, transitioning students, or people with disabilities, Candidit is here to help.

We offer custom solutions that fit your unique needs, allowing you to pick and chose the services you need to create the best program possible. You can chose from any, some, or all of the following services:

Candidit Translate

We'll build you a customized recruiting portal designed to attract top talent and encourage them to join your talent pool. Once they've joined, our rich user experience allows them to upload transcripts of experience and input career data via our Profile Builder.

For more information about Candidit Translate, click here.

Candidit Engage

Every Candidit deserves a top-notch recruiting experience. We can help you achieve this via our concierge service that is extremely hands-on for the Candidits and hands-off for your recruiters. We'll work with every Candidit to answer questions and help them use the platform, and then deliver qualified Candidits directly to your inbox.

Sometimes you have to cultivate the top of your talent pool so it can bear fruit. Nurturing your best FiT Candidits with curated content specific to your company while they are already thinking about you allows you to increase your chances of landing that top Candidit!

For more information about the Candidit Engage, click here.

Candidit Acquire

Acquiring the top talent requires first having access to that talent. We can help you build a talent pool that is filled with potential Candidits, meaning you'll get the most out of your Translate and Engage efforts. We'll help you acquire more Candidits so you can ultimately hire more of the top talent.

You can also benefit from the recruiting efforts of other companies. By sharing your unhired Candidits across our Candidit Exchange, you will gain access to the Candidits that every other company in the exchange did not hire. This broadens your reach and gives you access to talent you may have otherwise never found.

For more information about the Candidit Acquire, click here.