Candidit Translation

What is Candidit Translation?

Candidit Translation is a platform to help you attract and retain top talent. Designed in a cutting edge and brand-safe manner, Candidit Translation is easy to set up for you and simple to use for your Candidits.

What do I get as part of the Candidit Translator?

After establishing the Candidit Translator for your company, you'll have easy access to all of the Candidits in your talent pool, and the top Candidits for each of your jobs will rise to the top so you can easily identify them.

First, we'll build you a brand-safe microsite. Here's an example:

An example of a Candidit Ecosystem microsite.

This microsite will contain all of the elements necessary to attract Candidits into your talent pool while being tailored to your company's specific branding. Each microsite has a front-end and back-end that is specifically designed to be easy to understand and use.

Microsite Front-End

The front-end of your microsite can be thought of as a landing page or, perhaps more appropriately, a recruiting portal. It contains images specific to your brand and is "white-labeled" to appear as though it is just another part of your own website. From here users can explore your positions, decide if your company is right for them, and sign up to be a part of your talent pool.

Microsite Back-End

The back-end of your microsite is where your talent pool is matched to your jobs. Using proprietary FiT analysis, we match every Candidit to every job based on the documents they upload and the experience they input. Currently, users can upload a verifying document (for example, a military veteran can upload their Joint Services Transcript) and experiences from that document will be added to their profile. Additionally users can add education and work experience via a Resume Builder to gain more competencies and better matches.

Proprietary Matching Technology

Using our proprietary FiT Analysis platform, every member of your talent pool will be matched to every job you have available in the system. This allows them to see the big picture of where they fit within your organization and gives them an idea of what some of their top job choices should be.