Candidit Insights

You spend a lot of time, effort, and money creating marketing campaigns designed to attract top talent, but how do you know how effective they truly are? Marketing can be a Black Box at times, where you see results but cannot attribute them to one specific effort. With Candidit, it becomes easier to decipher where your leads are actually coming from, and which leads are actually the best.

What would you do if you could say with greater confidence that the efforts you are making to hire individuals are actually leading to quality candidates and ultimately hires?

Candidit allows you to function above your applicant tracking system. In the current state of recruitment marketing, the only way to measure the effectiveness of a campaign is by the number of clicks it generates. Unfortunately there is no way to know if these clicks are converting and if they are, which ones? With Candidit, a job seeker doesn't have to apply to a job in order for you to understand who they are and how they fit at your company. This means you can get greater insight into how a specific campaign is performing. Are you attracting a lot of clicks but very few applications? Candidit can uncover otherwise un-trackable data at this point in your funnel, allowing you to understand the profile of who you are attracting better than ever before. This will help you optimize your campaigns to bring in more of the people that are actually applying and less of those who aren't, meaning the quality of your clicks can increase dramatically.