Candidit Engage

The Candidit Experience

You want to provide the best experience to every job-seeker, every time. Sometimes this can require a little help from your friends. This is where Candidit Experience comes in. We'll provide that human-to-human element that many Candidits crave, answering all of their questions and guiding them every step of the way.

We use mediums such as built-in chat, email, and phone communications to assist any Candidit that asks for help as they navigate the Candidit Ecosystem and get matched to your jobs.

Every Candidit has the option to utilize our live chat feature.

We're here to help every Candidit with issues ranging from quick to complicated, and we'll handle them all for you.

Give Your Recruiters a Hand(s)-Off Experience

Sit back and let us curate a list of all the quality Candidits in your talent pool. We'll deliver them straight to your inbox at a frequency that is convenient for you so all you have to do is review their information and decide if you'd like to proceed with them. We'll handle everything, to the point that you and your fellow recruiters won't even need to learn how to use the platform. We'll hand-off the best Candidits to you while providing the hands-off experience needed to keep you on track with everything else you have to do on a daily basis.

Engage with Your Current Talent Pool

Candidit Engage is the easiest way to keep your top Candidits interested and move the needle on getting them to apply. We'll keep the top of your talent pool engaged throughout their Candidit experience by creating short but engaging email campaigns designed to give a job-seeker insights into your company that they can't find anywhere else. There are a few different types of content that we traditionally see the best engagement from.

Company Profile

Giving a Candidit an idea of what your company is all about is a great way to spark their interest in joining your team. We'll start by giving highly qualified job-seekers an inside look at what goes on in the day to day operations of your company. What are some of the departments you have? What is your company culture like? Are there any unique perks to working at your company?

Job Profile

Once a Candidit is informed about what its like to work for your company at large, they'll likely be curious about a day in the life of someone doing the job they are considering applying for. We'll send them a special profile of that job, detailing what their daily workload would look like and what they can expect to be doing the majority of their time.

Employee Vignette

Provide a profile of a specific employee in the position that you are highlighting with Engage. We'll feature one of your employees that is shining in the position that the Candidit is considering applying for, and detail why they love working for you. They can discuss their favorite parts of the job and your company, and offer advice to job-seekers on how to be successful in that position. Employees love to be featured, and Candidits love learning about real people that they might even work alongside should they accept a job at your company.

Custom Communications

Have an idea to engage Candidits that you don't see above? We can create custom communications in any format to fit your needs, from video to text to infographics. We'll work with you to create the ultimate engagement campaign and convert your job-seekers to applicants.