Candidit Compliance Assist

When it comes to hiring a diverse group of talented individuals, compliance reporting may be the last thing on your mind. Unfortunately, if you let this important aspect of your hiring initiatives slip through the cracks, you could find yourself in deep water. Ensuring that you are compliant with OFCCP regulations is incredibly important, and can help you avoid costly fines down the road in the event of an audit. You are required to report how many of the people you hired meet certain criteria, and you will also need to disclose your various efforts to recruit a particular group along with your assessment of whether or not that effort was a success. If you deem an effort you made to be unsuccessful, you'll need to implement a different effort in the future to show you are trying to improve.

Because it sits above your applicant tracking system, Candidit is a perfect way to get your compliance reporting under control. You'll be able to track the effectiveness of each of your outreach campaigns and back up your claims with data, allowing you to prove (both to OFCCP and yourself) that your efforts have been worthwhile. We'll handle the heavy lifting, too! We'll compile aggregate data on your job seekers to demonstrate whether or not you are attracting protected-class job seekers while also providing you with a variety of other metrics that will be helpful in determining the success or failure of your effort. By providing this data to you, we allow you to easily collect the information you need to for compliance related reporting.