Candidit Acquire

Candidit Acquisition

It's hard to hire top talent without first building up your talent pool. If you feel that you could be reaching more of the top talent for your jobs than you currently are, we can help you with Candidit Acquire.

Acquire the Right Kinds of Candidits for Your Talent Pool

Using adtech on a variety of platforms, we can help you grow your talent pool and fill it with talent that is more likely to be a good fit at your company. We'll drive traffic and leads to your Candidit Translator to grow your talent pool rapidly. With this uptick in traffic, you'll see more quality Candidits coming through your translator, giving you a better chance at finding the right Candidit for each of your jobs.

The Candidit Exchange

One of the reasons Candidit was founded was to provide the best possible experience to job seekers and the companies looking to hire them. Part of this plan has always involved what we call the Exchange.

What is an Exchange?

In an Exchange model, unhired Candidits are shared across a network of member companies. This means that if a Candidit joins the talent pool of one member company but is not a great FiT for that company's jobs, they will still have the chance to be hired at another member company where they may have a better FiT.

Company A can hire Candidits that company B doesn't hire from their own pool, and vice versa.

How Does the Candidit Exchange Work?

In the Candidit Exchange, individuals join through specific company microsites (see Candidit Translate). Once they have joined, they are able to see how they FiT with that company's jobs. If they are not a great FiT for that company, however, there is still hope. They will be added to the Candidit Exchange, where other companies are able to access them. All of Candidit's member companies have the chance to pull that Candidit into their talent pool to start recruiting them to their company.