Setting up a Pathway

What is a Candidit Pathway? A pathway is not just a job. It is not just a major or course of study. Completion of a Pathway should result in a job offer.

Getting Started

You can setup your own pathways once you have an account, and your account is linked to your organization. When that is complete, navigating to the following and signing in will result in access to your Pathways account:

Be sure you are connected to our team via Slack ... that's the best way to ensure your onboarding goes smoothly.

Pathway Data

To create your pathway, click "add pathway" or "templates" and create a new pathway. To view the information currently provided on a typical pathway, view

Currently, our team is assisting organizations in setting up their initial pathways. In this process, you may have unique information that is relevant for onboarding new students or employees. We'll identify these and ensure that the information is distributed correctly.