Anonymous Accounts

Candidit™ is committed to student privacy, which is why we offer so many of our resources for free. Schools, however, can enroll students anonymously to access deeper insights about career interests.

Applying to our Beta program

For a limited time, secondary schools can request access to our limited Beta. Beta participation is free for up to 6 months, and schools wishing to continue the program can earn additional education discounts. While access to advanced features is completely anonymous, we do request that beta schools abide by a few rules:

Student participation requires parental permission

Students must be over the age of 13

Students should access the Candidit™ Beta site on school machines

Enrolling your school

For enrollment, you should contact us first via the intercom Chat interface on this page and then follow the steps in Getting Started

Benefits of Beta enrollment

Candidit™ is built from more than a decade of experience in education to employment transition and translation. We believe strongly in the power and importance of Competency Based Employment (CBE) and have designed our system around more than 30,000 competencies. Anonymous enrollment allows students to search and rate various jobs and "pathways". This demonstration of interest creates a collection of underlying competencies required to work and succeed in those careers.

Each of our competencies is "vector-mapped" on a three dimensional grid that weighs a competency's action, cognitive, process, creative and specialized orientation. What this means is that we can provide unique and powerful insights into aggregate and anonymized individual interests versus real world requirements. These insights can be valuable in creating curriculum, designing projects and connecting classrooms to careers.

As a Candidit™ Beta Schools member, we will be working with you to uncover new data insights. Schools can also invite area employers and colleges to participate, generating real-time labor demand and supply visuals with powerful predictive capabilities.