Recruitment Process Augmentation

We make it easy to build a program designed to recruit top talent from niche groups of people. We can augment what you are already doing to help make it more efficient, or we can help you build your program from scratch.

"We Already Have a Program."

Our goal is not to replace your current efforts. We simply want to help make them the best they can be. We'll help you determine the best methods for improving your current program and help you implement them. Generally this will involve augmenting your current efforts using the technology we have developed for specific Diversity and Inclusion groups.

"We Currently Don't Have a Program. But We'd Like To."

Recruiting diverse talent can be extremely rewarding for your organization from top to bottom. We can help you build a program to do so. Work with our team to determine the best groups of talent for the the jobs you are looking to fill, and we'll provide an end-to-end solution designed to provide you with quality talent from the discovery phase all the way through application and hiring.

Built with Diversity & Inclusion in Mind

We build every program that we work with into an efficient and powerful Diversity & Inclusion recruiting pipeline. We'll help you reach and find the best FiT Candidits for your jobs with ease, giving you more time to onboard, train, and retain them! We're creating specific, customized solutions designed to be effective at recruiting specific populations. Our current plans for Diversity & Inclusion groups include:

  • Military Veterans - Veterans are a diverse and renewable source of talent with a proven track record of being great employees and making their companies better. We've developed technology that reads a veteran's Joint Services Transcript and converts it to civilian competencies, making it easier to connect their experience with jobs.