Military Veterans

Military veterans can be your most dedicated and hardest working employees if you give them a quality recruiting experience and fulfilling work to do. With over 20,000 veterans transitioning out of the service every month, this source of talent is completely renewable, year after year.

To help companies with the intricacies of recruiting this unique group of talented individuals, Candidit has developed a platform that verifies military skills, translates them to civilian terms, and quickly matches them to jobs based on their FiT analysis.

The Joint Services Transcript

The process is as simple as 1-2-3, JST. Veterans upload their Joint Services Transcript, it is translated, and they are matched to jobs. The JST is a transcript of everything an individual did (both education and occupations) while serving that is currently being used by every branch of the military except the Air Force. It looks like this:

An example of a Joint Services Transcript.

Once a JST has been uploaded to the system, it only take a minute or two for the user to start receiving their matches to a company's jobs. If they have civilian experience in addition to what can be found on their JST, they can add that to their profile via the resume builder to improve the quality of their matches.

To build this JST translator we explored over 6,000 military courses and occupations representing over 90,000 military competencies, and translated every one of them to our taxonomy of 30,000 competencies. From there we are able to match military Candidits to jobs based on their civilian competency set and the competencies required to do each job.

This unique translator is included as part of Candidit's Suite of Services.