Getting Started

Welcome to Candidit! This documentation is designed to help our partners get up and running on If you have any questions, please join us on our pathways slack channel.

Create a login

Generating your login is easy, simply navigate to the following URL and create an account:

If your organization does not exist in our system, we'll need to create it for you. We need to verify every organization prior to their use of Pathways for the protection of our users and community. Once your organization is created, give us 24 hours to assign your new account to your organization and you'll be up and running

Setup your Organization

If you are not already in contact with a Candidit team member, request organization verification and setup by contacting us at:

We'll invite you to our slack channel and get you started on your way.

Organization Display

We'll need a few design items from you, listed below. Provide this information by navigating to "Settings" from your organization dashboard once you are able to log in. Note: all images must be provided as links at the current time.

  • Logo

    1. Vector graphics are preferred, otherwise .png

  • Avatar

    1. This can be your logo, but avatar images will be displayed within a circle - some logos don't fit that design very well. We can assist you if you do not have in house design resources

  • Short Description

    1. This should be one sentence or phrase

  • 100 Word Description

    1. This is the main description that Candidits will see on your pages

  • Contact information

    1. Provide a name or title and email and phone (eg "Registrar")

    2. Contact information for a verifying official

      1. Part of the pathways project includes verification of enrollment and completion by your organization. This contact may be different from your main contact. We'll need a phone, name, and email for this individual or account. - this is not public information